26 January 2016

Updated > What's In My Handbag

I currently have a black Tosca handbag, however because I brought mine second hand in brand new condition so I'm not a hundred percent sure where you'd be able to get yourself one. I had a quick browse on eBay but couldn't find anything there but I'm sure if you did a more in depth search on the internet you'd find it or something very similar.

I absolutely adore my handbag, it's exactly what I have been looking for so I was extremely pleased when I came across it. It has three compartments, along with an adjustable over the should strap as well as a little handle that you can sit in the crook of your arm. It fits everything that I need in it perfectly. 

In the first smaller pocket on the front I have; 
>> Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
>> Chichi Body Butter in Vanilla Orchid 
>> Palmolive Hand Sanitiser in Raspberry
>> A blue pen 

In the main larger pocket I have; 
>> My phone
>> My keys
>> My pink Carte leather wallet
>> A small bluebird wallet pouch which hold access cards, coins & receipts 
>> Some headphones

In the last pocket that sits at the back I have; 
>> A pair of reading glasses 
>> A pair of sunglasses 
>> A small pouch with a few essentials in such as..
>> A powder brush
>> Memory sticks
>> PK gum 
>> Nail file
>> Lip balm
>> Roller ball perfume 

That's everything I have in my handbag. I try not to let in fill up with junk because there really isn't any room for it but some how it still manages to find it's way in there! 

B x 

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