3 January 2016

Twenty Fifteen I'll Never Forget You

2015 flew by & so I thought I'd take a walk down memory lane with you. 

JANUARY >> January was the first full month I spent in Nelson & it was a great opportunity to explore what Nelson had to offer. I had my bestfriend from Christchurch come & stay with me. On New Years Day we decided to spend the day at the beach along with  visiting the local animal park. It's definitely a New Years that I'll never forget. 

FEBRUARY >> In February I start my new school with my sister. We nervously caught the bus to school with a bunch of strangers & we started upon our journey together. 

MARCH >> March was when I really started to make friends & honestly I have some of the best friends that anyone could ever want & I feel so incredibly grateful to have meet them! There is a few people missing from the photo above but I love them all. 

APRIL >> April was a month of celebrations for those close to me. I has a couple of friends have birthdays & it was great to be able to celebrate with them but I also had the 70th of my Nan & her twin brother. It was great to be able to celebrate that with both of them as my Great Uncle Barry doesn't live in a area to close to us. In April I also celebrated the 100 Years of ANZAC, this time of the year will always hold a special place in our hearts for my family as my Pop was in the war. 

MAY >> My birthday month, whoooo! I got to celebrate my birthday with some very special & close family members & I had a great birthday! I was very spoilt & my family & friends made it a very special day. 

JUNE >>  June was also a month of celebrations. I celebrated one of my best friends, Sian's, birthday & a bunch of us girls went out for dinner which was so lovely & it was great to spend the time with them! I also traveled down to Christchurch to visit my sister for her birthday! This was not long after she had moved down to live with my Dad, Step Mum & Step Brother so it was great to see them all & to be able to celebrate her birthday at the same time. 

JULY >> In July I took another trip down to Christchurch & this time I took my Mum with me. I was able to catch up with family & friends that I wasn't able to last time so it was really good & definitely time well spent! 

AUGUST >> August I took a bit of a road trip with my Mum & a good friend of hers. I remember that the weather was really lovely & warm that day which was exciting because we knew that summer wasn't far away. 

SEPTEMBER >> It was my Mums birthday so we decided we'd travel to Auckland to see some close family! It was such a great, jam packed four days & I had the best time! We went up the Auckland Sky Tower, we did a bit of shopping, we travelled around exploring & then ended the four days with a BBQ & cake for Mums birthday. It was really great to be able to spend the quality time with them as it's not often we are able to see them. 

OCTOBER >> By the time October had rolled around, very quickly may I just add, the weather was really starting to warm up & it only made sense to make the most of those days. Cable Bay is one of my favourite places, it has a small beach & a beautiful small up hill track & you're able to sit at the top & admire the incredible view. 

NOVEMBER >> In November I had my sister to come & stay for a week which was amazing. I always love spending time with her as I don't get to see her very much. Also I celebrated my thirteen year friendship with my bestfriend. It was so exciting & although we couldn't be together in person we were on FaceTime having a wee celebration that way! 

DECEMBER >> What a crazy month December was. Not only was summer finally here but so was CHRISTMAS! It was such an incredible month with so much joy & happiness. I truly hope that you all had a fantastic festive season, whether it's something you celebrate or not. 

That's my year in a few picture & a couple of words. I honestly have had one of my best years yet & don't get me wrong I've mostly definitely had my down moment but I've also had some of my best moments & I feel that I've truly been able to find myself! 

I wish you all the very best for 2016 & lets see where this year takes us! 

B x 

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