19 January 2016

Gardens Of The World

Recently I visited on of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen & I thought it would back for an awesome blogpost plus I wanted to, of course, share it with you guys. So over the time that I was there I collected some photos & found out more about the gardens history.

Gardens of the World is a six acre wonderland with spectacular plantings from all around the world. Lakes, streams, bridges fountains, formal gardens, sweeping lawns, and the incredible sounds of birds, a remarkable setting with an array of plantings from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, America, Africa & Europe. With also a Herb Garden, Water Gardens & much more. What I love most is that the gardens have been landscaped so that anyone can visit at anytime of the year.

The history behind these beautiful gardens is unique & warms my heart. Geoff & Gillian Etherington were the founders of the Gardens Of The World. It was their dream to create a unique & special place for all to enjoy. The result of their vision, dedication & hard labour can be seen & appreciated today in the six races of landscaped spender. Gardens of the World have won many awards & also winning attraction for both international & domestic visitors. Today Gardens of the World is owned & operated by the Day family, a long stand Nelson family who share a passion for the gardens & this global treasure.

I had such an incredible day while visiting these gardens. It's so peaceful & really just the perfect place to relax & chill out.

Find the beautiful gardens in Hope, Nelson.
Open from 9AM till dusk.
Entry: $5 per adult & gold coin per child.
Phone: 03 542 3736
Email: info@gardensoftheworld.co.nz
Website: www.gardensoftheworld.co.nz
Address: Corner of Paton Road & Clover Road, Hope, Nelson, New Zealand.

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