28 January 2016

From Blah To Bad Arse

For those of you suffering with the mid week blues I thought I'd talk about five simple steps that will take your day from blah to badass in seconds. We all have these days sometimes & sometimes there's no real reason behind it & that's ok. I find that a few tweaks here & there can really turns something from blah to badass in seconds.

If it's not trench-all down pour or blowing a gale outside then I find getting some fresh air into my lungs is amazing feeling & can be just what you need. I know that getting some fresh air always helps clear my mind & I  can go back to what I'm doing or what needs to be done with a clear mind set. You could always go for a walk or a run, but I think the main thing is that you are outside inhaling the badass & exhaling the blah.

#2 //  ME TIME
Do something that relaxes you. For some people it might be going to the gym, for others in might be having a hot bubble bath. Whatever relaxes you do it. It's also about taking some time for yourself & you can easily reflect & clear you mind. I always like to do a bit of yoga or mediation.

Put down your laptop  your phone. Something I need to work on but it's a matter of practice what you preach right? We I turn off my devices I know that I don't have to worry about who's liking my photos on Instagram or who's directing messaging me on Twitter. Again, it's about taking time for yourself. Read a book or jump into the kitchen & get creative. Delve into something that is going to make you forget the rest.

Try something that you've never done before. Do something that scares you. At the end of the day you'll be proud that you did & that you accomplished something new.

I always find helping someone else or doing something nice for another person always makes me feel better. Whether it's helping someone with their shopping or paying someone a compliment. It can be absolutely anything not only will they be grateful but you'll feel great for it too.

B x

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