10 November 2016

5 To Read This Weekend No.004

Last month of my blog, in celebration of Mental Health Awareness, I spoke quite a bit about how important self love & self care is. Linked, you’ll find those BP’s just in case you may have missed one or two, but I thought as part of my ‘5 To Read This Weekend’ series, I thought I would mention & share 5 wellbeing posts that I’ve enjoyed over the past month. Your personal wellbeing is something that is & will always be changing so I encourage you to check out these posts & see if you’re able to take any valuable information from them. 

"Every week, we start with the best of intentions…and then things get stressful and we ditch our dreams of packed lunches, walking to work and getting enough sleep. Instead of trying to overhaul the entire week, focus on one small thing a day. These little changes really add up."

"Good physical and mental health comes from a variety of things and this is different for everyone. For me it’s about balance, moderation and practicing the things that make me feel good, such as healthy relationships, exercising, eating for nourishment, getting good sleep, spending time with people I love, enjoying my life (including eating pizza, and yes, drinking!) meditating, reflecting, being in touch with my body…the list goes on.
So when girls ask me where to start, I respond by asking, “What makes you feel good physically and mentally?” Whatever that is, that’s where you should start. If you aren’t sure, here are seven simple ways to integrate wellness into your life each day of the week."

"Very often, it's those small lifestyle changes that can make a different & really transform your life. Things like practicing gratitude, that's something that was definitely life changing for me. I never thought of myself as an ungrateful person, at the same time though, there used to be so many wonderful things I often took for granted."

Five Ways To Relax + Face Mask Picks
Written By Anna at The Anna Edit

"This past weekend was glorious. Previous ones have been spent trekking across the country for various events and engagements, so it felt even better than usual to remain rooted at home for two days and just to chill out. When you string everything that I did together, it plays out as a sort of ‘ultimate relaxing routine’, so I thought I’d let you in on the specific five things I did which made me feel all zen. It’s basically a mix of Netflix, organising and baking with a face mask slapped on at some point during it all. What a shocker. Speaking of which, in the video I promised a little run-down of my top mask picks, so here are the ones I reach for when I feel like my face is in desperate need of some perking up (a.k.a everyday). "

Self Care, Why It's Important 
Written By Kimberley at Kimberley Jessica

"Sometimes it can be extremely easy to forget about caring for yourself. Taking the time to relax and do something for your mind, or even for your body. We get so caught up in our lives and what's going on around us, we forget to make time for ourselves. For example, for mums; making time for yourself is a very rare occasion, as you don't have time to think about yourself while you're ensuring your child is safe, happy and healthy. Although prioritising time to take a long relaxing bubble bath can be rather difficult in life, self care is key to stress management and needs to be a priority at some point during your day or week."

B x

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