27 November 2016

Spots & Blemishes

I have managed to get through life so far without too much trouble in the skin department. I generally only get the odd monthly spot & occasionally get the odd stress spot too. In recent months due to introducing my body to a new medication, my skin, specifically more so my chin, has turned into its own little danger zone. I’m thankful that the danger zone is confined to my chin & seems to now be on the way out the door but due to some unexpected stressful situations recently, the fact that it’s coming up to one of the most busiest times of the year plus summer is literally around the corner meaning UV rays are at an all time high, I really want to ensure that I’m looking after my skin in the best possible way. This means that I’ve had to pull out every trick in the book in order to get rid of any spots & keep my skin in it’s best condition. 

We’ve Heard It All Before
You’ve heard it all a million times before but what you’re eating & drinking does have an effect on your skin. Over the span of a week, I will notice a change in my skin if I’ve been eating out slightly more, not drinking as much water or even just not being as healthy & clean as I would normally be when it comes to what I choose to eat on a daily basis. This can only mean one thing, clean, healthy & portioned meals along with plenty of water & trust me, not only your body but your skin will thankyou for it in the long run. The lengths we lengths we go to for our skin, eh? 

Mask It Up 
There’s nothing I love more than a good ole face mask when my skin is feeling in need of a seriously deep clean. I use a face mask on my skin at least twice a week for spot busting & to just make my skin feel amazing. My favourite two at the moment are The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mask & The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger Warming Clay Mask. I find that both masks really help to deep clean pores & that is essentially what we want to help us prevent any feature spots. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil mask is also great for any active spots you may have as it helps dry them out & because Tea Tree is anti-bacterial, it’s like a two in one product, perfect right? 

There’s no official word on how often it’s advised to use a face mask. I think it varies from person to person due to personal skin types & issues but I like to use a mask nearly every other day. Whether it may be one specifically targeted to spots or one more targeted to moisturising my skin, I tend to mix it up a bit. I love applying a good ole face mask because one, I find that it’s a relaxing routine to do before I go to bed. I’ll apply whatever face mask I feel my skin will benefit most from the most & then depending on how I’m feeling I might do some stretching or if I’m feeling like a bit of a rebel I might just sit down & scroll through Instagram. Two, because my skin seems to absolutely love it. My skin always feels so much better after using a face mask, not only does it feel cleaner but my skin seems to look brighter & clearer afterwards. 

Hydrate & Replenish 
Our natural reaction when it comes to spots is to starve them of all moisture but actually a small amount of oil on effected areas can work wonders. I like to hydrate & replenish; giving some TLC to my spots in the form of oils, using little to no makeup to avoid contaminating brushes & products & generally avoiding the need to touch my face unnecessarily. 

My all time favourite oil I love to use to replenish my skin is, The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum In Oil. The following morning after using this product my skin looks fresher & brighter. I adore this product & is something that I a hundred percent recommend if you’re looking for a new oil to try out. 

B x

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