17 November 2016

Rituals For A Better Nights Sleep

If I don’t get at least eight hours sleep, then we all get to see & experience grumpy Bonnie & that's never a good experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had times where I’ve gone to bed way to later & then had to get up early the following morning, generally it was because I put way to much pressure on myself when it came to getting certain tasks done. I’ve definitely learnt over the years that it’s better to get a good 8 hour sleep & then that way you’re going to be more productive & the tasks you have to complete will be completed at a higher quality. These are some of the rituals I’ve found beneficial over the years. 

Tweak Your Night Routine
There  could be something in your night routine that is no longer working for you nor is it beneficial. Some people are natural night owls, others early morning birds so don’t be to hard on yourself if you end up going to bed at midnight & then not getting up until 9AM. If that’s what works for you & your everyday routine then go with it. 

Change The Way You Think About Sleep
We usually beat ourselves up if we don’t get eight hours of sleep & the truth is maybe you need more or maybe you can function on less. It’s about finding at what point your body can on longer function on a certain amount of hours of sleep & whether that’s appropriate for your everyday life. 

When it comes to sleep, quality is greater than quantity so whether you need 5 hours sleep or the full 8 hours, you should always invest in ways to make your quality of sleep better. A few options could be that quality of your mattress, pillows, a sleeping eye mask & even your surrounding. ‘

Your Pre & Post Sleep Rituals
Your pre & post sleep rituals are important, so basically your morning & evening routines. Things like having a technology break, maybe picking up a book to read, indulge in some tea which is preferably caffeine free, get into your favourite pyjamas & maybe even mediate if that’s something you’re into. These rituals work equally as well in the morning as they do in the evening. 

B x

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