3 November 2016

5 Morning Rituals I Swear By

You all should know by now how much of a routine person I am. Some of us are morning people & some of us are night owls. I am very much a night owl & I’m very much jealous of those that are naturally morning people. I always thought that I would never be a morning person but after putting some important rituals into place I’ve been able to work towards becoming more of a morning person. Although I’m never going to naturally be a morning person, I’ve definitely found these rituals have guided me to becoming the morning person I’ve always dreamed of being. 

Obviously, not all of us are going to be morning people & not all of us are going to be night owls, that’s what makes us individuals right? I always thought I would never be a morning person & I had my mind set to believing that I needed to accept that there was nothing I could do about it. I was so wrong! Both you & I can accomplish & achieve absolutely whatever we put our minds to. Don’t ever feel like you just have to accept life the way it is. If is something you have control over & want to change then I encourage you to take the steps you need to do so.  

I know some of you aren’t going to be morning people just like me so here are a few secret rituals that I swear by. If you’re a destined night owl like myself, fake it until you make it, that’s how I was able to find out what worked best. 

No.001: Wake Up At The Same Time Every Morning 
Having a set wake up time in the mornings has really helped me become the morning person I am now. Although it can be tempting to catch up on any sleep you might have missed, sleeping in until noon, in reality only plays havoc with your internal clock, which makes its harder to wake up when you really need to. 

No.002: Make Time For Breakfast
Making time for breakfast is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a productive day ahead. Reach for a good, hearty, fuelling breakfast which will help you preform better. A quick coffee & croissant just won’t do the trick. Also cereals with high sugar levels can make you crash half way through your day so make sure you reach for protein & good carbs to keep you full, reduce cravings & keep productivity levels high. 

No.003: Use Your Time Wisely 
Wake up an extra hour or two in the morning & allow your body to get into the right headspace for a great day. Instead of diving into emails or tasks for the day, invest in some quiet time for things such as mediation, yoga, positive reflections & motivation. 

No.004: Allow Yourself Time For A Quick Tidy Up
Although I tend to leave my space quite tidy the night before I like to be able to give myself a small amount of time to do anything such as washing, making your bed etc. If I have a tidy space, then I tend to be a lot more motivated & productive. This is especially important since I work from home. 

No.005: Get Ready & Get Dressed 
Although it’s everybody dream to be able to stay in there pyjamas all day, it’s just not ideal. I don’t feel like my day have properly begun until my hair is brushes, I’m dressed & maybe even a small touch of makeup depending on what I have planned for the day. I just feel slightly more put together & it really does affect how you feel about yourself. 

B x

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