15 November 2016

Flip Phones, Cassette Tapes & Dial Up Internet

This BP is inspired by an article I saw on Buzzfeed about how far technology has come over the years & the fact that there are several things that kids of this generation may not know of or understand. These are all things that I remember having in my childhood & I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to take a step back in time. 

No.001: Flip Phones
Before Smartphone came Flip Phones. Remember when you had one button for multiple letters? 

No.002: Cassette Tapes
There was no such thing as streaming or playlists, it was just you & your little rectangle tape against the world. 

No.003: Dial Up Internet
That awful noise you’d hear as you waiter for the server to connect & then the ten minutes it took for you to actually be able to get online. Plus the fact that no one was able to use the phone either because it would interfere with the server connection. 

No.004: Phone Books
That big yellow book & then the smaller book specific for you region, which had all the businesses & households phone numbers you could ever possibly need, of course this was before you were able to look them up online. 

No.005: Carrying A Camera & Your Cellphone 
Cellphones haven’t always had built in cameras & the film from the camera usually took a while to develop. 

No.006: Doing To Research In The Library
It took hours & hours to find information in books, unlike being able to quickly search up something on the internet. 

What are some of the things that you can remember from your childhood that kids now days might not know about or understand? Let me know in the comments. 

B x 

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