10 September 2017

Ways To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

At the end of last month I found myself in a bit of a rut and a constant bad mood. Don’t ask me why because I’m still trying to work that out but I thought I’d share how I managed to pull myself out of it. 

Feel It Baby
Try and find away to get it out as soon as possible. Allow yourself to feel it and acknowledge the you’re not feeling yourself. It’s a hundred percent natural but never a great feeling, especially if there’s no reason behind it. Letting ourselves feel the emotion is something that needs to be more encouraged because like I said, it’s natural and completely normal. Definitely don’t bottle it up or wallow in you’re sadness because that shit is never good for our mental health. 

Talk, Talk, Talk
Talking isn’t for everyone, I know it never use to be for me but it’s now something I benefit hugely from. Talk to someone you trust and know isn’t going to be judgemental and just let it all out. Don’t downplay anything because if it has affected you, whatever it may be, it’s worth talking about. 

Don't You Dare Apologise
When we’re upset or in a bad mood our first instinct is to apologise, I don’t know why but it’s weird and we definitely don’t need to do it. What are we actually apologising for in the first place? Of course, if you’ve snapped at someone and said something unintentionally, then definitely apologise but otherwise we have nothing to be sorry for. Being upset or in a bad mood is natural and everyone has days where they feel the same. We’re all human and none of use are perfect. 

Do Something That Makes You Feel Great
We all have things we do in life that help pick us up when we’re down. It’ll vary between individuals but if you’re having a bad day or feel like you’re in a bit of a rut, I encourage you do to something for yourself and something that’ll make you feel incredible. 

B x

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