24 September 2017

Working Efficiently From Home

This is my second full year working from home and while I can understand that it isn’t for everyone, it works really well for me. It allows me to be more flexible with my time, allowing me to be able to get to various important appointments specifically regarding my health but also go at my own pace. Working from home can be difficult, I'm not going to sugar coat it but I think if you’re passionate about what you’re doing then it'll work in your favour. I have quite possibly done a post similar to this before but as time goes on my routines change and there are a bunch of things that I do in my day to day life to make working from home as productive as possible. Here are a few of my favourites.

Set Goals
Set yourself regular goals. I find that if I set myself regular goals incredibly helpful. It gives me a purpose to each day, week, month and it means that I’m fully aware of the things I would like to get done and by when. Although I love the idea of having yearly goals sometimes those yearly goals can be so big that we need to set ourselves goals to achieve the yearly goals, make sense? The idea of setting weekly and monthly goals is that they are slightly more specific with a shorter time frame. Personally, I know that I’m more likely to achieve the more specific goals rather than those big yearly goals. 

Clean and Tidy Space
 I have a clean house policy when it comes to working from home. Before any work gets done, I’ll make sure the house is clean and tidy. A clean and tidy house means a clear and tidy mind. I really struggle working in a messy environment and I tend to be less productive. A clean and today space means that I can fully commit to what it is that needs to get done on a specific day and I’m not worried about what needs to be done around the house. 

Change of Scenery 
I highly encourage any of you that work from home to change up your scenery every now and then. Whether that’s working from your local coffee shop, library or even working outside on a sunny day. For me, it only takes a change of scenery to get a boost of motivation, focus and creativity. As long as you have access to good internet and great coffee, wherever you go will work well! 

Set a Schedule
While working from home I’ve found it great to have a set schedule. I have a set time when my morning routine needs to finish, when I’m having breaks, and when I’m finishing for the day, then everything else goes around that. Sometime things will have to be changed slightly depending on things like appointments and meetings, but other than that everything I pretty structured when it comes to my work day. I do want to make it known that the flexibility that comes with working from home is definitely a bonus and I do use it to my advantage when needed. 

B x

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