26 September 2017

Starting Your Week With A Bang

So far this month I’ve talked plenty about being productive and efficient while working, but also about self care and what you can do to boost self care in your life. This post is going to cover everything I’ve spoken about so far this month. It’s going to be about how you can start you’re week with a  positive mind set because of course, nobody likes Monday’s but it is that start of our week and I think it’s important to start how your intend to finish.

Early Mornings
I know, early Monday mornings sound terrifying but I promise you they’re really not that bad. I encourage you to get up early, if not all week, specifically on Monday mornings. Getting up earlier means you’re gong to have a little extra time to get yourself ready for the day. Nobody likes any extra added stress, especially on Mondays. 

Update To Do Lists and Goals
Find yourself 5 minutes to update your to do list and goals for the week. Start your Mondays with a fresh mindset, set reasonable goals and a reasonable to do list for the week. This way you’ll be aware of what needs to get done and by when. 

Meal Prep
I prefer to meal prep on a Sunday but I still thought I’d add this in because sometimes its nice to have a healthy meals already to be cooked when you get home. I know, that sometimes after a long day the last thing I want to do is cook a healthy meal and if you’re the same then I encourage you to get organised, and meal prep. 

Celebrate Your Success
Girl, you just got through the worst day of the week! Celebrate what you got completed, in fact just celebrate you. I’m a big self care advocate, and I’m always encouraging everyone to look after themselves. Have a hot bubble bath, a glass of wine, put on a face mask and treat yourself. 

B x 

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