12 September 2017

Book Review: Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

“There are many reasons why this book will always be special to us. Some are obvious: the record-breaking amount of money we raised through crowdfunding, (More than one million dollars! Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls is the most funded original book in the history of crowdfunding.), the astonishing number of backers from more than seventy countries, and the privilege of working with dozens of unbelievably talented female artists from all over the world. Some reasons, though, are less obvious: the messages of soon-to-be mums and dads who told us this is the first book they have bought for their daughters. The friend of a friend who said that this campaign gave her the confidence to start working on a project close to her heart that she had on hold for a long time because “what if I fail?”. The email from a mum ecstatic to have a book that could help her share her perspective on the world with her three sons, not only as a mother, but as a woman. Above all, the deep trust that out backers have put into us. This amount of trust is not something women get to experience very often. We do not take it for granted. How could we? Most of the extraordinary women featured in this book never experienced this kind of trust. No matter the importance of their discoveries, the audacity of their adventures, the width of their genius - they were constantly belittled, forgotten, in some cases almost erased from history. It is important that they know these obstacles are not insurmountable. That not only can they find a way to overcome them, but that they can remove those obstacles for those who will come after them, just like these great women did. Each of the hundred stories in this book proves the world-changing power of a trusting heart. May these brave pioneers inspire you. May their portraits impress upon our daughters the solid belief that beauty manifests itself in all shapes and colours, and at all ages. May each reader know the greatest success is to live a life full of passion, curiosity and generosity. May we all remember every day that we have the right to be happy and to explore wildly. Now that you’re holding this book, all we can feel is hope and enthusiasm for the world we’re building together. A world where gender will not define how big you can dream, how far you can go. A world where each of us will be able to say with confidence, “I am free.” Thank you for being apart of this journey." ~ Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo. 

I firstly want to start of by saying that the authors of Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls, Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo are incredible women themselves and they should be extremely proud of what they have achieved with this book. I really wish I had grown up with a book like Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls. It would’ve been incredible as a little girl, to grow up with a book as such. 

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls has to be my favourite book of the year, well so far anyway. It warms my heart to see a book like this selling in my local bookshops and all around the world. As most of you would expect it’s incredibly inspiring and intriguing. The illustrations are beautiful and created by women all over the world. 100% recommend getting your hands on a copy of Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls. 

B x 

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