21 September 2017

What Helps With My Mental Health

My mental health holds huge significance in my day to day life. Because my mental health can change on a daily basis, it’s something I need to be continually working on. I do want to mention that I am medicated for my mental health but by no means do I just take a couple of pills every morning and that’s that. I’m aware a lot of people assume this, but it’s definitely not the case. There are several activities in my daily routine that help work towards a positive mind set and good mental health. 

Please keep in mind that this is what works for me. Just because it works for me doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. We’re all individually different and it’s so important to remember that. If what I’m about to mention doesn’t work for you, try not to get to disheartened because there is something out there that well be beneficial for you and your mental health, it’s just about figuring out what that specific thing is. Please, feel free to mention in the comments what works for you and what you find beneficial as it might work for someone else but they're yet to realise it yet. 

Wow, surprise surprise I'm talking about organisation again but being organised significantly helps with my anxiety. I need to know what I need to be doing, where I’m going to be doing it and when it needs to be done by. I’ve always been like this for as long as I can remember but now that I’m that bit older I have more control over my life, opposed to when I was say 15 and still quite dependent on my parents. 

Talk About It
I never use to be one to talk about my feelings and although I still struggle sometimes I’m so much better than I was. It’s so important to not feel ashamed about how you’re feeling. I know, easier said than done but as soon as you’re able to accept and acknowledge how you’re feeling, the easier it will be to open up and realise that you’re not alone. If you read my blogpost, ‘Therapy And What It Taught Me’, then you’ll know that I went through some intense therapy recently, and by the end I was openly talking about emotions and situations that I had suppressed from years ago. I never thought I would be talking about those situations so openly yet it felt so incredible to talk about it all and I feel really amazing for it now. 


remember rolling my eyes when doctors would tell me that exercise was good for my mental health and I think that was probably because I never really understood how that worked because I was always so tired and lethargic but they were right. Exercise does wonders for my mental health. When I was living in Christchurch my exercise routine was way more intense than what it is now but ever since been sick I’ve had to cut it back, however you’ll be surprised how much just getting outside and going for a walk will help clear your mind and make you feel so much better. I always encourage those who are just struggling in life, to take sometime for themselves and get outside. 

Don't ever feel ashamed of your mental health and I'm proud of you all for coming this far. 

 B x 

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