3 September 2017

Taking Time For Yourself When You Don't Have Time


I’m someone who has always believed in the importance of taking time to ourselves, even if it just a few minutes out of the day. But we all know who hectic and stressful life can get. Sometimes it feels like we don’t have anytime for ourselves. These are some of the few ways I like to take time to myself when I don’t have the time for a full pamper routine. 

Planning is something I have always found extremely therapeutic and it’s a great way for me to know what I just need to get on with and complete. When time is stretched really thin, it’s important to have some kind of plan. To some people this may be boring but it’s essential when you have limited time. When you’re already stressed and don’t have a solid idea of what’s going on, it’ll only making you more stressed. 

Having great time management is something we all have to learn. It takes a lot of practice and I don’t know about you, but it feels like it’s constantly work in progress. Everybody’s life is super busy these days. We all have responsibilities, things coming in and out so it’s important that we have some idea of time management. With your time management skills and great planning practices I’m sure you’ll have some time for yourself.

Time to yourself is very much a luxury and I completely understand that, but also that many people are unable to take the time to themselves. Taking time to myself is literally that, me time. Taking time to myself means that I can destress, and be a better version of myself. I throughly appreciate any time that I’m able to have to myself, especially because it’s a rare occurrence. Make the most of any spare time you may have, regardless of how small the pocket of time may be. You might be able to do something for yourself in the time or maybe you could complete any of those small mundane tasks. 

B x

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