19 September 2019

10 Things You Can Do To Have A Productive Weekend

The past couple of weekends I've ended up having the Friday off which has provided me long weekends where I'm able to simply get things completed & checked of my checklist. 

I don't often have these so I wasn't use to having so much time on my hands but I managed to get so much done, it felt so good going into the new week with a clean slate, clear space & a productive mindset. It's very much like that cheesy saying, 'a Sunday well spent, bring a week of content'. 

Have A Good Clear Out
Is there been a space that you've been meaning to clear out? Maybe your wardrobe or linen cupboard? Now's the time to do it! When clearing out cupboards & wardrobes I always rediscover things I'd forgotten about but it's also a fantastic opportunity to donate any unwanted items to second hand shops. 

Have A Good Tidy 
I usually reserve time on the weekends to put things back in there homes that haven't quite made it back throughout the week. I try & spend 15 minutes each night doing this but there's always more to be done by the time the weekend rolls around. 

Go See Friends 
I love spending time with friends whether that's catching up over coffee, a dinner date or just chilling at home watching movies. Even just sending a text to someone I haven't spoken to in awhile can make feel a lot happier. 

Exercise is one of those things I hate thinking about but then once I've actually done it, I feel great! An early morning walk can help start your morning off on the right foot. 

Sunday's are usually the days where I sit down & plan my wee heart out. This is generally for the following week, I might do some finances bit & pieces but I will also spend some time working on my website. Usually this is just brainstorming ideas for when it comes time to get my next months editorial calendar sorted. 

This one fits into the planning side of things but organising what photos you think you might want to upload to your social media or along with blog posts could be something you could do which would save you time during the week. 

Social Media Accounts 
I never really thought about this until it was mentioned to me by a friend but it can be nice to take sometime to sit down & update your social media. Making sure profile pictures match, bio's are up to date. You could even look into changing up your pictures on your Pinterest boards. 

Good Ol' Pamper Time 
This will be something that varies between people but on Sunday's I'll take time to pamper myself & ready myself for the coming week. It'll generally include a bath, hair wash, shave & moisturise, mani/pedi, face mask & so on. 

Do One Thing That You've Been Putting Off
There is usually at least one job I've been putting off for ages & when I've actually completed I was seem to wonder why I didn't do it sooner? Make time this weekend to do it! 

Me Time
If you're truly shattered, then it's time to put away the cleaning products & have some me time. Whether it's having an early night or settling down for an hour with a book, whatever it is, do it! Having 'me time' is so good for you & your mental health. 

These are just a few of the things that make me feel like I've had an productive weekend & have my life together, ready for the next week. But of course, chilling on the couch is just as productive sometimes when you need a good rest. 

What do you like doing at the weekend that makes you feel ready to tackle the week ahead? 

B x 

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