5 September 2019

Why The Habit Of Gratitude Will Change Your Life

Gratitude is a popular concept these days & maybe you're even rolling your eyes at the very mention of it. Gratitude is actually quite a simple concept, be thankful for what you have, but often one we forget to practice. For some, being optimistic & thankful comes naturally. Others have to work harder at it. As with anything that requires practice, it needs to be done consistently to have an impact. Gratitude can transform our entire perspective & with that, our whole lives. 

I'd like to make a small suggestion that could be powerful if you often forget to practice gratitude. Start a small daily habit. Just a few minutes per day of journaling, mediating on gratitude or just thinking about what you're grateful for in life. Do it every day, with a reminder, and see if it changes anything. Don't rush through it, don't do it mindlessly, really try to feel gratitude for everything you list. 

The thing is, you're going to have bad moments in your life & it's okay to feel bad about them. But it's also important to remember that even the bad things make life as complex & interesting as it is. Life would be extremely boring without challenges. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this small habit, concept & change in your life will impact you more than you can ever imagine. 

There are a bunch of articles that I'll link below that are really insteresting & share different perspectives on gratitude & gratitude practices. 

B x

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