8 September 2019

Simple Weekend Reads

Sharing others working & encouraging other writers around the world who are creating content is a really heart-warming thing to be apart of. I think you will enjoy this collection of articles that I've hand-selected for you this weekend. 

"There's probably a 100% chance you've heard of Glossier. You know, that beauty brand that every low-maintenance, no-makeup makeup lover is obsessed with." 

"I don't have a time machine, but if I did, here is the career advice I would fo back in time & tell my 20 year old self Emma. Many of the things I'm about to talk about are things I also look for when I'm interviewing for new positions at our companies. So they don't just apply to 20 year olds either." 

"Making changes to your life is easier than you think. You just need to know where you want to start making changes & then simply, do it. Don't over think it." 

"Having a lot to do is fulfilling, it gives you something to work on & something to look forward to. And a huge sense of achievement when you've smashed it. Running CGS London, focusing on my fitness & health goals, saving & socialising is a lot." 

"I still do listen to a lot of political & newsy podcasts but we are leaving those out today as sometimes we just want to full good, gain motivation or just be entertained. There is nothing wrong with that. I look at my media consumption the same way I look at my life...balance is important. You can still care about world affairs but also want something a little lighter. And that's when I like to put on an uplifting podcast." 

B x

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