3 September 2019

How To Enjoy Your Own Company

For some reason, we do not often spend time with ourselves. You may have binge watched your favourite show for half the day but have you ever spent nearly as much time by yourself in a public space? We seem to forget that we don't need a person by our sides to be able to have a good time. 

There are a couple of posts I wanted to share with you today that are about enjoying your own company. I found them really helpful & they shed an interesting perspective on spending time with yourself. 

"There is often a stigma attached to being alone. For some reason it is seen as socially unacceptable to do things by yourself. As soon as we see someone by herself, we sort of assume there's something wrong, something they've done a repel other people. Why is it always presumed that people don't want to be doing things alone? This type of thought can lead us to believe that we cannot go somewhere unless someone os with is & when no one is available we would rather not attend that go alone." 

"Spending time with friends & family is always good but spending time with yourself is sometimes even better. Just you, your thoughts & whatever you want to do, with no obligations, no other opinions or plans & no pressure from anyone. It is not only relaxing, it's also proven that alone time is good for you.

So, it's okay to say to friends that you don't feel like going out or watching a movie together. In case you still don't feel convinced, we give you 5 reasons why you should spend more time with yourself." 

"The idea of solitude has a somber ring to it; the thought of being alone can bring about memories touched with lonely sadness, while thoughts of being surrounded by others can bring memories of joy. But solitude, like all things, truly depends on the way you look at it. 

I, for one, absolutely love being alone. Some of the best times I've had are the ones whey I've been in no one else's company but my own. I always enjoy hanging out with myself at home & I equally love going shopping alone. I find that I'm productive & relaxed & I always make sure to remain just as silly as when I'm with others."

B x

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