15 September 2019

Mastering Time Management

We all like to be kept busy but there are times when the workload can become too much. Minutes go by like seconds, it doesn't take long before you are completely overwhelmed by the list of tasks you are never going to have time to complete. Take a deep breath & have a look at my top tips for mastering time management. 

Plan Your Day
There is nothing more satisfying than sitting an with your morning cup of coffee & your diary in front of you, with everything already set out, ready for the day ahead of you. Looking at everything you need to complete sets you up perfectly for the day. Set goals that you know are realistic & strive to achieve them. 

Everyone can be pulling your in a thousand different directions throughout the day so it's important to have a checklist in place so that you're able to visualise exactly what you have to get done & how much you have already got done. Writing it all down has always been a massive help to me when it comes to organising my time & priorities. 

Avoid Distraction 
It's human nature to favour one task over another but time is managed so much more effectively when you are productive with it. Try to avoid those oh-so-tempting message pings from your phone where possible. 

Ask For Help 
With all the will in the world, we are only human & cannot always get everything done. If you spot a struggle & ask someone to help you out it will take the pressure off & free up your time. 

Tackle On Thing At A Time 
You might have a million & one things to do but you can't do them all at once. Take each task one at a time & you will complete them much more effectively. 

Use Your Breaks Wisely
Your break doesn't mean checking your emails! Use your breaks/downtime effectively & you will be far more productive when it comes to trying to focus on work. 

Know What's Urgent 
Prioritising tasks can make your to-do list that little less daunting. If something doesn't need to be done today then don't fret about it. Use your time wisely & complete today's deadlines only! 

Reward Yourself 
What a better incentive is there to get things done than rewards yourself? Whether this is a coffee break during the day or a big glass of wine at the end of the day, it will definitely help your work-mindset! 

B x 

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