17 September 2019

3 Things For Yourself

Normally Sunday's are my days for rejuvenation before the up & coming week but as I was putting this post together I wanted to emphasise the fact that you can do anything for yourself on whatever day you wish! Taking care of yourself is so important & try & do at least one or two things per day just for myself. 

So, here's just three things I've done for over the past week & I'm sharing them to give you some ideas & hopefully inspire you to take a day off, completely, & cater to your needs. I'm thinking of turning this into a mini series, so if you feel like your 'you' time is missing keep an eye out for the next installment! 

Whether you start your day or end your day with a hot bath, when was the last time you decided to take one, with no agenda to get out? Take your good ol' time with this one my friends. Full the tub with salts, florals & scrubs. Take all that stress that comes along with a busy week & let it melt & steam away. Light some candles, close your eyes, breathe deep & relax. 

So, you're super duper clean & relax from your bath, your cuticles soft & prepped. Now is the perfect time to paint your nails a sweet hue to sass up the week ahead of you. When your nails are fresh & colourful it's just...nice. It makes me feel a bit more put together. 

Give yourself a gift. Think about what you want & need at that exact moment in your life & reward yourself. This gift doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful. For example, if it's a bit grey & rainy outside & you want to add some colour into your home, reward yourself with some fresh flowers. Fresh flowers never fails to bring happiness in my space, they just instantly make me happier. 

B x 

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