9 February 2020

A Love Letter To Sundays

I'm not sure what it is about Sunday's but they're my favourite day of the week, I must say, Monday is a close second but there is something about Sunday's that make my heart so happy. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. My Sunday mornings are always so quiet & peaceful. I always make sure Sunday's are fulled with self care & productive tasks.

Sunday's just work best for me when it comes to planning out my week & get any extra admin bits & pieces done but of course, your weekly planning could also be done any day that suits your personal schedule. It's a really good feeling knowing that I have everything planned & organised for the week ahead of me. It also means that my mind isn't all scattered on a Monday morning.

Sunday's I don't typically wear make-up so this is a chance to slick on all my favourite skincare products. Theres nothing better than feeling super fresh going into a new week. And I'll also reach for products such as a hair mask & serum as a little pick me up as I'm nowhere near as kind as my hair as I should be.

Tidy & Organising
While I have my face mask & it's working it's magic then I will potter around the house cleaning & tidying up. I'll water all my house plants, tidy away any dry laundry, vacuum, put away any dishes that have been drying, give the bathroom a quick clean & generally just give my home a spruce up. Going into a new week with the house being clean & tidy is something that I've always loved. Tidy space, tidy mind, right?

What are you favourite things to do on a Sunday? Do you have a specific routine that you follow?

B x

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