11 February 2020

How To Stay On Track After Failure

Sometimes plans fail & dreams seem further away than ever before. It can be hard to pull yourself together & start again. So, how do you stay on track after failure?

Don't Be Too Harsh On Yourself
It's important to realise that everyone fails. It's easy sometimes to forget everyone does experience failure at some point. Often, you'll find that it's because we can't appreciate our own successes & play the good ole comparison game. So, believe in yourself & you will glow!

Be Your Own Cheerleader
Corny I know, but you need to be your own cheerleader! Why put yourself down, when you could give yourself the exact some treatment you would to your best friend. Would you tell your best friend, "You're a loser, you'll never get there." No way! So, next time you're feeling defeated, be kind to yourself & say, "I will get their eventually!"

Failure Is A Lesson Learnt
Reaching success is no straight line. In reality, it's a rocky road with several ups & downs. The ups are easy, but once you're down, & it will happen, you'll learn those valuable lessons about yourself & the sacrifices you're willing to make. Sadly, that doesn't happen overnight but soon you'll realise failure means another lesson & another reason to keep on fighting!

Why Did You Start In The First Place?
When you're wondering if this is all worth the hassle, just think about why you wanted a change or wanted more in the first place!

B x

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