23 February 2020

Simple Steps For Making 2020 Your Year

I get it, we're getting close to the end of February & you're probably thinking that this is something that I should've posted a couple of months ago. But I don't believe that the New Year has to be the only time we can start making changes & setting goals, what's stopping us from doing that now or mid-year? I think it's important to remember that we can set new goals & challenges any time of the year, when we're ready to.

With that being said, if you've had a rough start to 2020 or maybe you're in a position now where you want to start thinking about new goals & the challenges you want to set yourself this year, here are four simple tips to making 2020 your year.

Choose Your Word
Start off by thinking of a word for the year. It's a simple exercise but I feel as if it can help set a theme for the year you want. Maybe you've noticed something that's lacking in you life? Maybe your word could be ambitious, or confident, or fearless? All you need to do is repeat that word whenever you feel you need a wee reminder of what you want out of this year.

Choose An Emotional/Mental Goal
Emotional development is an important one & something you need to continuously work on to improve. I know it's something that I can always improve on which is why I set at least one goal that is rooted in emotion. Maybe you want to work on your communication skills or learn to deal with stress better. Once you set yourself a goal, I recommend keeping track of your progress but also in the little ways you're improving too.

Get Physical
Now I don't necessarily mean go & run a marathon unless that is something you do want to do. There are so many different ways to get your body moving that are just as beneficial. Make an investment to yourself in that way & maybe that is working out three times a week or maybe it's adding yoga & stretching into your morning routine. Whatever it may be, make that investment to yourself.

Planning & Getting Ahead
Of course I'd talking about planning in one way or another but I believe that planning ahead can be extremely beneficial to claiming your success. With timed slots for everyday you can create an actionable timed to-do list, with a monthly overview you can stay on top of your goals, events & appointments & with any spare note pages, you're able to fill them with whatever you feel is needed.

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