25 February 2020

Habits I've Formed That Have Made Me Happier

Unlocking the secret to happiness is one of life's biggest questions. While we may assume it's the big things - a new house, a job promotion, marriage - that bring contentment, it's often actually the little things that boost your happiness more significantly. And over time, I've learnt that having healthy daily habits has made my life easier & improved both my physical & mental well-being. From switching up my morning routine to organising my wardrobe to getting lost in a good book, these are habits I've formed that have made me a happier person. And while everyone is different, hopefully they'll inspire you to make some positive changes too!

Drinking Water In The Mornings
Much of exhaustion is linked to dehydration, so instead of heading straight for the coffee when I feel groggy first thing in the morning, I down some water. It instantly makes me feel more awake.

Making My Bed Every Morning
The act of making my bed always starts my day off on a good foot. It always feels like a satisfying accomplishment. A made nest instantly makes your bedroom look tidier & this makes it a joy to come home to at the end of a long day.

Listening To Podcasts On My Commute
Whether it's an informative documentary, laugh-out-loud comedy or insightful interview, podcasts always cheer up a dreary commute.

Reading Before Bed
We all know the blue light emitted via electronic devices wakes up the brain & disrupts sleep. Reading a book does the opposite. Cracking on with a good book every night definitely makes me happier than aimlessly scrolling through social media.

Using The Pomodoro Method While Working
This method requires you to work on one task at a time in 25 minute bursts. The key is to remove all distractions for this period, distracting tabs, social media, your phone, then break for five minutes before starting again. When feeling unmotivated & unproductive this method is such a huge help for getting all the tasks done.

Cooking On Sundays
Batch cooking a healthy meal on Sunday means I always have a nutritious meal in the fridge for when I run out of time to make lunch or dinner during the week.

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