20 February 2020

Being Productive With No Motivation

We've all been there. That lousy place where the thought of a glaring task is killing any motivation you have to complete it. To top it off, procrastination, pretending to be your friend has gotten you nowhere. So what's a girl to do? Here are some steps that might just help you get back to work.

Change Your Environment
Get up & go somewhere different. Even if you are crunched for time, go grab a coffee or even a elevator ride down to reception & back. A change of scenery can change your state of mind.

Get Some Exercise
If you aren't working on a tight deadline, to get your head back in the game try going for a brisk walk. Doing some kind of exercise can help with productivity & a reset of perspective.

Break Larger Tasks Into Small Bit Size Pieces
If you have so much to do & haven't even started yet, it can be overwhelming. Start small & celebrate little mile stones. One little step at a time.

Give Yourself A Time Limit
Set a timer & see what you can accomplish in 30 minutes. Put your phone away & keep only the tabs you need open on your computer. Keep your head down & work without allowing yourself to be distracted. It's just 30 minutes. When your timer goes off, see how far you've come & feel good about the progress you are making. Take a quick break & do it again.

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