6 February 2020

The Power Of Mantra

We all know what it's like when negative thinking gets the better of us, if it becomes a pattern, it can have a significant impact on our lives. What we think & speak shapes how we feel inside & how we see the world around us.

Like anything, creating new habits takes practice. The following steps with help you to honestly assess what you want to create in your life while crafting an easy mantra for you to recite at any moment. Be open to self-discovery while being clear & sincere with your words so that you can consciously use the power of your thoughts to help come to a healthier perspective.

Something I like to do is to write down 3 to 5 words that express my intentions - what are you refining or calling into your life? Is it trust, courage, creativity, success, balance, confidence?

Then, using the words for inspiration, I write down 3 mantra in the present tense. Start off with whatever firsts comes to your mind & then you can re-write what you intentionally began with until you've whittled it down to something that is uplifting, clean & easy to remember. For example, "I trust the change unfolding in my life," "I welcome clear vision & inspired action," or "Love flows into my life effortlessly."

It's not always easy to begin with so if you need some extra help, consider the following prompts for writing your own mantra. Highlight your current goals around self-care & self-love. Focus on inspiring words around your career or creativity. Boost your confidence & presence in the world. Invoke your ideal home, lifestyle or relationship.

Once you've found your top 3 mantras, put them into action. Write them down with intention & memorise them. Begin each day with repeating your mantras 3 times out loud or silent, choose the one that feels right in the moment. Continue to use them throughout the day, especially when you notice yourself slipping into unhealthy thought patterns.

When you feel out of touch wit your best self, take pause & notice how you've been speaking to yourself. Reshaping your habits around your thoughts & words, both towards yourself & outwardly to others, has incredible results that will directly impact your day to day life.

Let's practice together & reshape our mental chatter into uplifting affirmations so that we can connect to the potent power of our intentions.

B x 

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