23 April 2020

4 Self Care Tips For Your Mental Health Beyond Taking A Bubble Bath

First things first, I'm absoultey not against bubble baths. Making time for yourself is important & a bath can give you that time. But to me, self care is specifically more about why you're having a bubble bath, not the action of having it.

Self care isn't always just about relaxing, while that holds an important part, I don't believe that's all there is to self care. It's about understanding you deserve to look after yourself, along with actually wanting to do it.

These are some of my favourite self care ideas which I believe make a deeper & more long-term impact. They can gradually be introduced to your life or thought processes to help you build yourself up.

Using Social Media For The Better
Now, I'm not trying to tell you that social media is awful & that we shouldn't use it at all, that's definitely not my intention but I think we could all try to make our time on social media more purposeful & positive. I'm really interested in how we can develop those purposeful & positive habits on social media & better ourselves because of it. I've intentionally tried to follow more educational, inspirational & supportive account across all of my accounts & it's really awesome to be able to open up a app & see so much positivity & purpose.

Here I am banging on about meditation again & if you think it sounds like a load of garbage, it's okay, I did too. . .until I tried it. I personally really enjoy meditation because it encourages me to try & clear my mind & learn intuitively. I find it makes me more intune with my emotions which then I'm more capable of managing. There are so many amazing benefits of meditation & I believe everyone can get something out of the practice as long as we're willing to give it a go.

I spoke about having boundaries in a post a couple of months back, which I'll link here, but it's really important to get to know what you need, to understand yourself & to find a balance between what you do & don't want. I get it, there are going to be things we don't want to do, that's life but I do think finding some kind of middle ground is important. Don't say yes to things when you don't mean yes & try not to feel guilty about it. The whole point is understanding your needs & having the ability to meet them.

Give Yourself Time
I don't know about you but sometimes life can just get so hectic, it gets to the point where I feel like I haven't given myself anytime to think. Sometimes I feel that my brain is going a hundred miles per hour & trying to tell me fifty million things as once & I find that it's just not productive on all level possible. This is where meditation has been a great practice for me. It gives me the opportunity to slow down & check in with myself. You simply have to give yourself time to process.

B x

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