30 April 2020

2020: Favourites #02

I'm not going to go into great detail about my favourite products this month because I feel they'll all pretty self-explanatory. Lots of hand creams because with all the extra hand washing & use of hand sanitiser my hands are so dry along with testing out a few moisturisers because my skin is already getting super dry as the weather is starting to cool down. There is also an in-depth review coming on the Evolu Triple Action Oil Control Clay Mask very soon!

Glade Candles: Glade have some of the most beautiful candles & if I'm being honest, I think I've been through three or four of them just this month which is crazy. I think with being at home more  this month I've simply just had them burning for a lot longer but it has just meant my space as smelt amazing. Glade have some incredible scents & are easily asscessible from grocery store.

Oralife Lip Ointment: Winter is on its way which means that everything is drying out, including my lips. I always struggle to find something that keeps my lips hydrated for a decent period of time & I think I may have found the one product that'll keep my lips alive during the drier months, for now at least.

Thankyou Hand Cream & Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands, Stronger Nails Hand Cream: With all the extra hand washing & the amount of hand sanitiser I've been using this month I've had to invest in a couple of decent moisturisers because my hands just aren't retaining any moisture whatsoever. The two above hand moisturisers have been huge favourites this month. Also, a good nail oil has been helpful for keep cuticles & hands soft.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water In OilAntipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream & Nivea Nourishing Day Cream: Dry & Sensitive Skin: Oh wow, look, more moisturising products! I've been loving the Nivea & Antipodes day creams for keep my skin hydrated throughout the day & the micellar cleansing water has been great as well, especially for quick & easy cleansing on days I either cannot be bothered or days we're I haven't worn makeup. It also comes in handy as a quick makeup remover before cleansing.

Evolu Triple Action Oil Control Clay Mask: Absolutely adored this face mask this month. I'll be doing a full review on it at some point in May so keep an eye out for that!

Lavendar Oil & Coconut Oil: Lavendar oil has been an essential for calming my space & making me feel a lot more relaxed in such an anxious time. Coconut oil is what I've been using as a natural cuticle/hand hydrator but coconut also can be used for lots of other beauty rituals like removing makeup, moisturiser & shaving!

Book; Sop Surviving Start Fighting By Jazz Thornton: An amazing book, written by an incredible person. I will say that does go into all kinds of depths of mental health & abuse but it's a beautiful story of a girl who was struggle & has now made an incredible life herself.

Forest Productivity AppTodoist Productivity AppOneDay Journaling App'Morning!' Gratitude AppQuizlet App & Zoom App: Highly recommend these productivity apps if you're looking for something simply, yet just enough to get you motivated & productive! They're all a bit different from one another but all have a solid place in my daily routines.

What have been some of your favourites over the past couple of months? Let me know if there is anything worth trying!

B x

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