26 April 2020

Finding A Routine In This New Normal

We're now in to our fourth week of an entirely new way of life & it's expected to go on for longer. It's a massive change that almost happened over night & we're no doubt all coping with it in our own little ways.

I've adjusted possibly quicker than most people as I've worked from home before so I knew what to expect. Saying that, I haven't worked from home for a few years now so I've definitely felt a shift to my usual day to day & I've had to make a few adjustments to make my new normal work for me.
If it's one thing I've had to adjust that most, it's my daily routines. I'm very much a routine gal, while I'm still pretty flexible when I need to be, routines keep me accountable & they help reduce my anxiety significantly. My routines have been pretty simple & minimal over the past month because I ain't going anyway other than from room to room of my home but nonetheless, I know how important routines can be for that sense of normality.

Morning Routine
Wake Between 7 & 8AM: This aspect of my morning routine has stayed pretty similar, the only difference being is I'm not using my alarm. Waking up naturally between 7 & 8AM has actually been really pleasant. It still means I'm getting enough sleep but I'm also up early enough which allows me enough time throughout the day to get everything done.

Make Bed & 15 Minute Tidy: Making my bed first thing in the morning has been a habit of mine for as long as I can remember & it always feels like I'm starting the day off on the right foot. I also spend some time tidying up my space as my bedroom also acts as an office. I'm a big 'tidy space, tidy mind' gal & there is no way I'd get anything done throughout the day if my space is a mess.

Skincare, Makeup & Dressed: Skincare is next up in my routine. I'll spend a good amount of time in the bathroom tending to my skin, brushing my teeth & doing my hair. If I choose to wear makeup that day this is when I'll do it & then I'll get dressed. This step is what really helps me shift from home to work mode. I could easily not do my skincare, no makeup & stay in my PJs all day but I find I'm less productive if I take that path.

Medication & Hydration: I'll head to the kitchen, take any medication/supplements & I'll also take this opportunity to hydrate.

Breakfast & Coffee: I'm terrible when it comes to eating breakfast but even if it's just a piece of fruit, I've been trying to have at least something. Coffee is also an important part of my morning routine, can't start the day without it!

Journal & Gratitude: I've consciously made this the last step before I head into the work day because my journaling & gratitude practice helps feel grounded & content which means I go into the work day with a really positive mindset.

Evening Routine
Wind-Down 6-7PM: Between 6 & 7PM I'll start finishing up for the day, I'll wrap up any tasks & loose ends, answer any emails & get everything ready to do for the next morning.

Dinner, Dishes & 15 Minute Tidy: I'll head into the kitchen & make myself something for dinner, do the dishes & tidy up the kitchen. I'll then do a 15 minute tidy of my home where I'll tidy any extra clutter from the day.

Time To Chill: I spend this time in my evening routine to do something for me. Whether that is watching Netflix, YouTube, catching up on social media, calling a friend or colouring in. Something that makes me happy & that doesn't fit into my working day.

Shower & Skincare: Next I'll head to the bathroom, I'll shower, wash my hair if I need to, brush my teeth & do my skincare. This process is just another step in winding down & it's telling my mind to start getting ready for sleep.

Planning For The Next Day: This next step is where I'll sit down & plan everything I want to do for the next day. I'll look at what I managed to get done that day & what I can get done the following day. If I feel like I need to do a bit of a brain dump, I'll do that in this time as well. It just means that I'm going to bed with a clear mind. Which follows on to the next practice I do.

Journaling, Gratitude & Reading: The last thing I do before heading off to sleep is journaling & gratitude along with reading a chapter of the current book I'm reading. These three things, as mentioned early, help clear my mind & make me feel grounded & content. Reading is like my alternative to scrolling through social media right before bed. I'll then apply some lip balm & hand cream, spray my pillows with a sleepy spray & then head off to sleep.

Adjustment takes time & thankfully, time is what we all seem to have a lot of at the moment. What has your routine consisted of over the past month or so? Has it changed or are you able to keep it pretty similar to before?

B x

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