14 April 2020

What To Do At Home If You're Self-Isolating

While staying informed is one thing - seeing news about COVID-19 surges, emails about COVID-19, instructions on how to wash your hands & all the memes can be a lot & a little overwhelming.

Over the past week or so I've seen heaps of content about what we can be doing while we're either self-isolating, social distancing or in full lockdown. I've put some of my favourites together along with some of the things I'll be doing & thought I'd share those ideas with you in the hopes you'll find something fun & productive to do that'll help pass the time.

Delete Social Media Apps
If the state of the world is making you anxious, then the catastrophized articles on Facebook & your friends panic posting on Instagram is not going to be helping. Delete Facebook & Instagram but have your local news available so you're able to stay in the loop.

Get Some Impactful Life Admin Done
Do all of those things like culling your subscription services, create your budget, set up a password manager, get you productivity system set up - do as many of those things you can that will help improve you life while you have the spare time to. I've been spending a lot of time working in Notion & on my productivity system which has been really beneficial.

Start Compiling Your Life Notes
I really love this idea & it's something I'll be putting on my task list to do while in lockdown. Essentially, it's creating your own 'commonplace' book & filling it with all the philosophies, ideas & thoughts that have helped you through life so far. I'm also going to link a video to one of my favourite YouTuber's, Michelle, who talks more in detail about life notes.

Deep Clean Your Home
If you're going to deep clean your home, there is no better time to do it than now. I've already deep cleaned a few different parts of my home & I feel so much better for it. Don't feel you have to do it all at once either. I know I'm taking my time & making sure everything is getting done throughly.

Declutter Your Home
This one goes hand in hand with the one above but it's time to tackle that wardrobe in your house that doesn't get opened because it's filled with so much stuff. Dedicate some time to decluttering your space & creating an environment you're proud of.

Adapt Your Morning Routine
I spoke about my morning routine briefly in a post earlier on in the month. All my routines have changed ever so slightly due to being in lockdown but more than anything, they've become a solid form of self care. I live for routines, I have routines for everything but since being in lockdown a lot of those have had to go out the window. I'm not currently working, nor am I at school so my morning routine, more specifically, is one of the opportunities I'm giving myself for routine & a bit of self care.

Let me know what you've been up to in these crazy times!

B x

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