12 April 2020

I'm A Young Person At Greater Risk For COVID-19 & I'm Asking You To Take This Seriously

As a young person at greater risk for COVID-19 I wanted to share this post with you today. I couldn't put words down myself any better than writer, Caitlin Flynn, did in this post!

"Over the past few weeks, we're suddenly found ourselves in a strange & disconcerting new reality due to the Corona Virus outbreak. The shelves of grocery stores are empty & toilet paper has suddenly become the hottest commodity in town. As COVID-19 rapidly spreads across the globe, we've been directed to self-isolation in an effort to slow the spread of the deadly illness. In many cities & states, schools, restaurants, bars and shops have closed their doors. Although the majority of my peers are taking social isolation seriously, others have dismissed it as an 'overreaction' & incorrectly stated that only the elderly should stay indoors - after all, they're the ones at risk, right? As a young person with an autoimmune illness, I & the millions of other millennials & Gen Z'ers with these conditions are also at risk & I'm asking everyone to please think of us too."

Unlike Caitlin, I don't have Lupus, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as CFS or ME. I was diagnosed with CFS 7 months after I was diagnosed with the Infectious Mononucleosis which is more commonly known as Glandular Fever & this is caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus. There are so many so many different symptoms that I'm not going to go into but long story short, I'm still effected by this all 5 years later & because of all this my immune system isn't as strong as everyone else's. So, from someone who is immuno-compromised I ask that you take this seriously & that you stay home. It's ableist to decide the rules don't apply to you & in addition, then put your peers at risk. Now more than ever, we need to come together & support one another in any way we can. Complying with social isolation or lockdown is the bare minimum but it will undoubtedly save lives.

B x

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