7 April 2020

Don't Let Things Get To You In Stressful & Worrisome Times

There's no way to escape the fact the, sometimes, we're going to deal with stressful & worrisome things in our lives. In these situations, how do you not let things bother you? We all respond to challenges differently & what helps me feel strong & empowered might frustrate another people even more than they were already before. Here's what I've learnt when it comes to not letting the tough stuff bother me as much & maybe you guys can find some advice that works for you as well!

Acknowledge What's Out Of Your Control
The first step to getting tough things not to bother you is acknowledging that some things are just simply out of our control. It's very easy to naturally want to fix everything that goes wrong or to feel guilty if you can't. When you acknowledge what you cannot change, you set yourself free from that feeling of failure.

Exercise Mindfully
Sometimes, if your mind can't let something go, shifting your focus from whats on your mind to you body by doing some of your favourite forms of exercise. Anything that gets your body moving & your mind focused is a good thing. Personally, my favourite is doing some simple yoga & stretches.

Lean On Your Friends
It's often harder to deal with things when you're on your own. When the stressful or uncertain times start bothering you, reach out to your crew. It could be a venting session, some good advice or purely just some distracting time - friends can make almost every problem seem less uncertain.

We're all experiencing stressful & uncertain times at the moment. We have to think of our own personal safety but also look out for each other. If you're feeling a bit under the weather, which is totally natural in times like these, try & find some activities & rituals that are going to help you get through these unprecedented times.

B x

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