28 April 2020

Relaxing Activities To Help You Stop & Take A Deep Breath

Stress & anxiety is running pretty high for just about everyone right now & frankly, I think we'll all keen for any distractions we can get. In moments of uncertainty, it's comforting to get back in touch with ourselves & take a deep breath. These are just a few of the activities I've been partaking in to relax & ensure I'm taking some time for a deep breath.

Puzzles are great at engaging the mind but they're also so gorgeous.

Journaling, writing & more specifically gratitude journaling can be very cathartic & heart-warming. The process of taking your thoughts from your mind & putting them to paper can be relaxing.

Coffee & Colour 
Coffee & colouring is combining two of my favourite things. It's the perfect way to step back & take some time for you.

Reading is something I've been doing a lot more of. My favourite magazine this month has been 'Breathe' which all focuses on well-being, mindfulness, creativity & escaping which I think we all need a little bit of at the moment.

Nature, plants & fresh air has always been so calming to me but know this can be limiting at the moment but even just opening a window to allow some fresh air inside your home if your unable to physically get outside. Take a deep breath, feel grounded and content.

B x

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