21 July 2020

Easy At Home Self Care Practices

Self care is a personally journey that’s unique to everyone. The things I do at home to practice self care may not be what works for you, and that’s okay. Now more than ever, we have to figure out ways to practice self care at home that will keep as safe and sane. If you feel like you’re struggling a little bit with stress and you want to take care of yourself but can’t get out and about, I came up with a few things you can try at home to recenter your mind and make it through the day. 

Watch Your Favourite Childhood Movie 

Times might have been a little simpler when you were younger, so consider streaming one of your favourite movies from your children to have a chill moment. 

Turn Up The Music & Dance 

Studies have shown that music makes you feel better, so if you’re stressed and need some time to centre yourself, crank up some music and dance around. Not only will the music itself ease any stress you might have but dancing will also keep your bloody pumping and the oxygen flowing. 

Take A Bath 

Whether it’s a bath or a shower, this form of relaxation can give your respite from an otherwise busy day, Even if it’s just a quick shower to rise off whatever’s weighing you down, it can help some people. 

Put Your Phone Away 

Social media can be a totally mixed bag of good and bad. Sometimes putting away your phone can help alleviate stress and reset your mind on positive things. Especially right now with everything going on in the world, constantly reading about it can get heavy. Give yourself time to break away from technology and just be alone with yourself. 


If a nap is your form of self care, then do it. If your brain is going a mile a minute and you just want to give it a break, let yourself rest and sleep, then get back to everything else when you wake up. 

Clean Everything 

I don’t know about you, but I find cleaning a great stress reliever and know I have a clean and cosy space makes me feel great. Put on some music and scrub and vacuum everything so you have a fresh space to relax in. 

Write Something 

Sometimes putting pen to paper just feels really good. Don’t let yourself think you have to write something coherent, maybe you just want to doodle a picture. But getting out some paper and a pen with give you something positive to focus on. 

Cook Yourself Something

Cooking is another thing that can keep you busy if you need something to do. If your form of self care involves creativity, try coming up with a new recipe or experiment with baking. 


Mediation isn’t for everyone but it could help you if you need silence and calm. Mediation can make you less stressed, which might be the kind of self care you need. 

Snuggle A Pet

If you have a pet, let them be your form of self care. They just want to love you, so give them some snuggles and play with them.

B x 

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