12 July 2020

How Time Blocking My Schedule Increased My Productivity Levels


In today’s society it seems like everyone is juggling 1,000 tasks at once. While we all have a lot on our plates, it can be hard to stay productive when working non-stop in order to complete tasks, chores achieve our goals & on top of all the, practice self-care. If you’re anything like me & you’re sick of add more bullet points to your never ending to-do list, I really encourage you to consider time block scheduling. 

So, what exactly is it? Time block schedule is when you set aside specific blocks of time to work on certain tasks. The result? It was a total game changer for my time management skills, stress relief & I was able to make sure I was getting everything completed while also having times to take substantial breaks. 

Figure Out What Organisational Tool Works Best For You 

How do you work best? Personally, I rely heavily on my iCal paired with my planner but I know friends that simply just use one or the other. Point being, find the system that works best for you. However you choose to map out your blocks of time, make sure you have a visual to see what you’ll be working on & when. 

Prioritising Tasks 

Know what the most important, pressing tasks are & knock those out before moving on to anything else. That was, you have time to readjust your schedule accordingly if anything unexpected issue arise. If something does pop up out of the blue you’ll be grateful that you accomplished your toughest tasks earlier on in the day. Plus, it also helps procrastinating because let’s face it, we’ve all been there before. 

SMART Goals 

Don’t know what SMART goals are? SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-Bound. When setting tasks & time blocking my schedule for the day I always refer back to the concept of SMART goals. Time blocking your day can be over-whelming to begin with but I can assure you it is so worth it & has been such a game changer when it comes to my daily productivity. 

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