9 July 2020

4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When You're Feeling Burnt Out


Wondering how to recover from burnout? We all have ambitious goals & lofty to-do lists but between it all it’s important to find time for yourself. If you work yourself too much, burnout will come sneaking around uninvited & we have all learned that hard way at least once that you can’t perform & deliver your best work when you’re tired & stressed. So if you feel burnout approaching, ask yourself these four questions & see how you get on. 

When Was The Last Time I Said No To Something? 

Learning to set boundaries up for yourself & sating no is crucial. You need to protect yourself from burnout by taking on a realistic workload & learning how to say no when you’re overwhelmed & overworked. If you find yourself asking how to recover from burnout, this is the first step. This applies to social commitments & personal goals too, if you’re saying yes to everything you might find you’re getting overwhelmed. It’s important to learn to protect your energy. 

Am I Getting Enough Sleep?

It’s not get about the hours of sleep you’re getting, it’s about the quality of sleep you’re getting. Make your bedroom a stress-free place. If you’re like me & have an office & bedroom in one, create a routine that signifies for you the end of a work day. 

When Was The Last Time I Moved My Body?

Here I’m talking about all kinds of movement of your body whether that is some light stretching, yoga, a gentle work or a session at the gym. Ask yourself this & find something that requires you to move your body, that you enjoy doing & that you can implement into your routine now. It’s going to give your mind a break & allow you to process the day properly. 

Who Can I Talk To About This? 

Burnout never feels great but keeping it to yourself feels even worse. Think about who you can offload your feelings & emotions too, whether that’s a friend, family member or a therapist. It feels great to offload your feelings & work through your thought processes, something we just need to be able to see things from another perspective. 

B x 

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