7 July 2020

Creating A Zen Workplace At Home


Before we all experienced lockdown, a lot of us didn’t need a space at home but now more than ever, we need to be creating spaces at home that are both calm & productive. Working from home isn’t something that’s new to me but I know it was & still is a very new reality for many people. I know that from working from home before that I need a very calm space but also a space where I know I’m going to be productive & really focus on my work. These are just a few of the tips & tricks I have to creating the perfect calm yet productive work space at home. 

Select A Scent

Smell, being one of the five sense, can control your moods & emotions. They also add a personal touch to your space. Create a calming environment by selecting a signature scent for you office. You could use candles, diffusers & essential oils but I also really enjoy using room sprays to freshen up my office. 

It Takes Two

As handy & portable laptops are, having a second screen makes working from home just that little bit easier. There’s no need to be flicking through tabs, you’re able to watch a video or look over data while talking to a colleague or taking notes on the other screen. Obviously not a necessity, but super useful. 

Green Thumb

Going green is a movement that is trending for a reason. Adding a low maintenance plant to your space will not only add a pop of colour, some plants even help to improve air quality. Beside, having a living thing in your workspaces requires you to water & look after it which means you have a good reason to be in your office in the first place. 

Smart Storage

I’ve recently re-done my office organisation & storage but it’s really the key when it comes to at home work spaces. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered desk especially if it has nothing to do with work. Storage on wheels is always a great options as it can be moved to a less visible place easily & as needed. 

Comfort Is Key

The most important piece of furniture in an at desk home work space is the desk chair & I learnt that the hard way. You’re most likely going to be spending a lot of time sitting down in it, so it makes sense for it to be comfortable. But it doesn’t have to be the only crucial chair in your life. Adding a beanbag or sofa couch to your office space can give you a place to unwind but also prevents you from wandering off into the lounge & procrastinating. 

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