16 July 2020

How To Reset Your Life


A super quick post from me today but I hope it helps at least one of you who many find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut. Sometimes life can get a bit stagnate & we need to make changes or hit the reset button. I’ve experienced this too many times to count but what I’ve taken from the whole experience is that you shouldn’t try & change something that is currently working. Instead reflect on all areas of life & from there figure out what’s not working & make small changes until you find what works for you. 

I’ve actually got a bunch of resources below that I wanted to share with you on how to reset your life. These are resources I often go back to & I think they’ll help you more than any individual post I could put together. Let me know what you think! Have you tired giving your life a little reset & how did you get on? 

How To Reset Your Life; Becoming A Minimalist (Blogpost) 

How To Reset Your Life: MuchelleB (YouTube Playlist) 

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