28 July 2020

Your Most Productive Day Yet


Being the planning love that I am, I couldn’t help but put a post together about the steps I have in place to ensure that I’m maximising productivity every week. 

Put In The Prep

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down to start work on a Monday morning and already having your to-do list laid out and ready to be ticked off. I’ll usually set aside 30-40 minutes on a Sunday to look through next week’s plans in order to put a to-do list together to tackle, if not then I’ll dedicate some time on a Monday morning. Here’s how I put it together. 

HIGH PRIORITY TASKS: Allocate set days for you to complete your high priority tasks. Make sure you’re being realistic with times and you’re giving yourself long enough to get the most important jobs done to the best of your ability. I tend to set myself between 3 to 5 medium to larger size tasks a day. 

LOWER PRIORITY TASKS: Then I set about buffering those already full days with items that need got get done but perhaps aren’t so pressing. I tend to sandwich those tasks in-between meetings or events when I know I might not have much time on my hands. 

ERRANDS: Instead of adding in errands and more life admin tasks to my daily to-do list, I have them in a seperate list in my planner. I tend to eat away at them throughout the week. I find it really handy to have them sitting there for times where I might have finished up work for the day but would like some more productive to do. 

SOICAL MEDIA: This is where I find pockets of time to work on my website. Hopefully with my high priority tasks given the attention they deserve, low priority tasks in there too so that I’m up to date with everything across the board. There are always little bits and pieces I can be working on with my website so a small pocket of time is sometimes all I need to get something completed. 

Work With Your Productivity Levels

If you can, I highly recommend factoring in your natural productivity levels into your planning. For me, I’m an early bird so I always weigh my days to that I have my meatier tasks in the mornings, leaving my afternoons to do tasks that don’t require so much brain power. 

Keep Up With Other Stuff

I will always feel like I’ve had a more productive week if household side of things have run smoothly as well. So tasks like meal planning are important and meal prepping where I can. I have a weekly cleaning schedule I complete, along with keeping on top of laundry and dishes. Then there are the self care practices like skin care, reading, mediation and getting an early night - you know the gist. They are all little building blocks that once you start to work them into your life so you do them without thinking, can help free up time and decrease your stress levels so you’re able to run at 100% 

Know How To Motivate Yourself 

For me, the hardest part of productivity is procrastination and how to find motivation to slap yourself out of it. If I’m having a tough timer getting in the mood to complete a task then I switch it up, tackling something that is completely different in order to try and jump start my productivity levels again. Sometimes I’ll get outside and get some fresh air, I’ve found that can really help too. Basically it’s trial and error, but have a few methods up your sleeves to see what sticks that day. 

Give Yourself Some breathing Space 

I’m always very optimistic about what I can get done in a day, so will always over plan and ultimately leave myself not enough time on the clock to get the task in hand completed. It’s okay to not get everything done on your list in one day but it’s also a really great feeling if you’re able to. 

B x 

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