22 September 2015


We all know that after some super relaxing and enjoyable time away that it can be hard getting back into work. Our work routine has been completely thrown out the window altogether. I've put together my five top tips for you so that you can get back into your work as soon as possible. If you attend school then this can totally apply to you guys too!

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#1: Work Ahead // 
I can't stress this one enough! It's super important to plan and work ahead when you know that you're going away on holiday. Planning and working ahead is going to release that stress for when you get back but also while you're away on holiday. The last thing you want to be worrying about is that you forgot to email Molly through last weeks meeting minutes or so on. Take your holiday as you time but allow for the week before hand to be a little bit hectic. And when I say plan and work ahead, I mean everything, even down to bills that might be due the week you're away, YouTube videos and even blog posts. Although this might seem a little bit extreme I do totally recommend this because it's really going to allow you to have the most relaxing holiday possible.

#2: Create A Detailed 'First Week Back' To Do List //
Write down everything that needs to be completed in your first week back including everything you can't tie up before you leave. Having this list is going to help you get the ball rolling once back at work. Making it detailed means that you're going to know exactly what needs to be done and you're not going to forget anything. Having this to do list is also going to keep you on task, I'm always writing to do lists and it's such a great feeling to be able to cross items of your list but it's also a really great way to be able to see what you have accomplished throughout the day.

#3: Emails //
Looking at your emails after you've been away can be a super daunting task after weeks away on holiday, I know, I've been there. But I have a solution that helps me every time. You have one of three decisions to make, delete it and be done with it. Delete everything that you don't need, or feel like you don't need to open. Immediate action, decide which ones are going to need immediate action, and this may even just be a reply back straight away. Then future action, decide which ones you need but can deal with later on, in a different period of time.

#4: Schedule Some Fun //
Just because you've returned from your holiday and you feel like you have so much to catch up on at work, don't feel like you can't have some fun either, don't keep continuing to wear yourself out before your first week back is even over.

#5: Post Holiday Detox Plan //
While we all have our morning routines, and I love a good routine, these tend to go out the window while we're on holiday. I love having my routine, it means that I'm making time for healthy meals and plenty of exercise. So on my travel home I like to plan out a few of my favourite meals, workout routines. I'll go to extra gym sessions and yoga classes once I'm back and just really get back into the flow of things, all these things make me feel good about myself and my way of living, which makes it a lot easier to be home after an amazing time away.

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