29 September 2015


Mornings //
Waking up earlier is going to give you more time in your day to complete that to do list I know you don't even want to look at or acknowledge. If you are use to getting up at 9AM then don't try and get up at 7AM, just start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier. Once you're finding it easier to wake up that 15 minutes earlier then you can start waking up another 15 minutes earlier than that and so on. In the mornings I love to get up and make my bed straight away, after making my bed I will just head to my kitchen and really enjoy a hot drink or a smoothie and then just take some time to go through my social media. I'm most definitely not a morning person at all, so getting up earlier and starting my day in a relaxing manner really helps me feel refreshed and ready to get everything done that needs to be done for the day. I've mentioned this before, but for me personally having a great start to my day is so important and it tends to just set my mood for the rest of the day.

Thankful Journal //
Having a thankful journal is such an easy way to improve your day. Writing down three to four things that you are grateful for is going to make you feel so much better and by doing this you're going to begin to be so much more thankful than you are already. Just remember that the things that you are grateful and thankful for could be the smallest of things, it could be that you're thankful for how amazing your nails look, or that you were able to enjoy the sun outside today. You could do this whenever it suits you best, whether it be in the mornings or evenings. Personally I like to do this in the evenings just because I feel like it's just a nice way to end my day, but then again it could also be an awesome way to start your morning too.

Organisation //
Being organised is going to improve your life so much and depending on whether you know me personally or how long you've been following me for, you'll know that I'm all about the organisation life. Everything I do is super organised. I think being organised is so important especially when you want to have a super productive day. Being organised can be a number of different things, whether you make regular to do lists, or you keep a journal or diary or whatever it may be. Another cool idea to becoming more organised is that you could spend a couple of hours on Pinterest just looking through simple life hacks that will make your life so much easier. You can spend a whole day just completing those little life hacks and just organising your life in general. Don't feel like that being organised has to be more stressful or boring than it needs to be, make sure you have some fun with it!

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