10 September 2015


Lets all be honest, we have those days where the thought of working out just makes us screw up our faces. Sometimes we get busy and the last thing we want to do is be getting all sweaty. I've had these days before so I totally get you but we have to remember how good working out is and can make us feel. I know after I've done an amazing workout I feel great, I feel like I could concur the world, well after I've had a shower, done my hair and makeup of course. Some of you might think I'm weird but I enjoy the pain you get the next day after you've had a decent workout. It's probably my favourite part of working out! I've complied some of my tips that help me get out of my workout funk so maybe you could give them ago?

#1 Be Prepared //
 Have your gyms clothes set out the night before, have everything you need ready so whatever time of the day you workout you have everything you need ready to go. I tend to go to the gyms for my workouts just because that's where I tend to get most of my motivation from but I know some people love to work out from home and I love that too so do whatever is going to work best for you.

#2 Get A Buddy //
For me my buddy is my mum. We go to the gym together, we workout together. Although once we are there we go off and do our own exercises it nice to have someone ti actually get you there and get motivated with. Having a buddy means that you are able to motivate each other and really just have fun while working out. Specific classes are great fun to do with a buddy, I think in the summer my mum and I are going to pick up a few classes together.

#3 Try Something New //
Get excited about going to the gym. You're not going to want to go if the idea or what you're actually doing at the gym is 'boring'. Find something that is going to make you want to go. Try some new classes, if you're finding yoga a bit on the boring side or no longer beneficial, try something like hot yoga something that might push you a little harder. Maybe it's even time for you to update your program. Find something you're going to enjoy and that makes you actually want to work out.

#4 Be Nice //
And by this I mean be nice to yourself. If you're new to working out and going to the gym, set realistic goals. Maybe going five days a week is a bit ambitious, give your body a chance to get use to the exercise that you are doing. Don't beat yourself up if you only went twice to the gym this week, it's better than not going at all and it gives you something to work towards to next week.

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