13 September 2015


Right now is the perfect time to mention that yes I have a fear of flying, but am I going to stop that from letting me see incredible parts of this world? The answer is no, and you shouldn't let it stop you either!

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#1: Leaving Your Space Clean & Tidy //
Leave your space clean and tidy means that you are coming home to exactly that. No clutter and no mess. I find that knowing I'm going to be coming home to a clean and tidy space make me feel a little bit better.

#2: The Day Before //
Coping with your fear of flying starts really starts the day before. Really just have some time to yourself and give yourself time to relax the day before you fly. I find that if you have everything packed and planned at least a whole day before you're actually flying then this leaves out any stress on the day you're actually flying out, meaning you're not getting on the plane stressed and anxious about other things as well as the flying. Keep an eye out for my next post which will be an updated travel routine!

#3: Pack Distractions //
Th busier I am the better. I like to take something to read on the plane, whether that may be a recent magazine or the book I am currently reading. I also like to have my phone on me, that way I can plan ahead with other bits and pieces. Taking headphones with you can also be really helpful, I like to listen to some more calming music, close my eyes and think of the end destination rather than what's really going on.

#4: Don't Get To The Airport To Early //
Although I'm never one to get to the airport to earlier anyway, I've had to wait because planes have been delayed before, and although there's nothing we can do about that, it does tend to only make our anxiety worse. Try not to get to the airport to early otherwise you're left sitting there watching planes leave and come in, and this can only make you more anxious than you already are.

#5: Pre Book Your Seats //
Pre booking your seats is definitely going to cut down your anxiety. Knowing where you'll be sitting, whether you have a window seat or not will definitely help with the anxiety. If I'm traveling with someone I tend not to worry to much about this because I'm traveling with someone else, and we'll be sitting next to each other anyway, however if I'm traveling alone then I will definitely try and pre book my seat.

#6: Fly With Someone //
Flying with someone can make the whole experience a whole lot better. I definitely prefer flying with someone but I know some people like to fly with alone. So it's important to do whatever is going to make you feel comfortable.

#7: Don't Be Afraid To Close The Window Shades //
I personally love looking out the window when first taking off and coming in to land. However when I'm so many feet in the sky and can see nothing but endless amounts of clouds that's when I like to close the shade. This way I'm not making myself worry anymore than what I would already be.

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