8 September 2015


My handbag isn't anything fancy, it's just a cute over the shoulder black bag with five separate pockets which definitely comes in handy! I do like to keep a range of small  bits and pieces in my handbag and especially when I'm going away because I'll never know what I might need.

I carry around small bits and pieces like lip balm, hand sanitiser, hand cream, then I'll also have whatever lip product I'm wearing that day too. I might on the rear occasion carry around a concealer as well.

I also have the obvious staple items as well such as my wallet, keys, my phone, some headphones, my glasses and my sun glasses too. If I'm wearing my contacts that day I also carry around my small contact case incase I need to take them out. Sometimes I will also carry my iPad around but not very often as everything I need is generally on my iPhone.

That's in basically, I don't carry around a lot, I just like to carry around the simple essentials and small bits that I think I might need. In regards to going away I will always make sure I have some kind of ID on me and if I am flying I'll also  have my boarding pass on me too!

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