1 September 2015


We can all have busy schedules sometimes. With work days starting early in the morning and not ending until pretty late at night, then you can't forget the partying. All of us girls deserve a fun night out after a hard week at work but with all off this there comes a price to pay. Puffy eye bags. They make us look old and tired all the time. How do you get rid of them? Well I'm about for share 4 quick and easy solutions that might just help you!

#1: Tea Bags And Cucumber Slices, duh? //
This has to b one of the oldest tricks in the book, one that's been past on from our grandmothers, to our mothers then to us. I believe it worked then and still does now. So take so tea bags and a few slices of cucumber and rest them bad boys on your eyes for a few minutes each and they'll start to reduce that swelling soon enough.

#2: Get A Massage //
Get a massage, you ask? Yes, sometimes the puffiness is the result lymph build up. What's that you ask? Lymph is the fluid that picks up all the bacteria and other unwanted substances in our bodies and gets rid of it. However sometimes the flow becomes stuck which then causes a build up. It's super easy to fix! Just take your favourite eye cream and massage it around your eye area. Remember to start from the corner of your eye and move inwards!

#3: Caffeine Can Help Too //
I recently myself found out that caffeine can help tighten skin! This then helps reduce puffiness and apparently even helps with drainage! However don't apply ground coffee to your eye! Instead look for those skincare products with caffeine in them.

#4: Cold Compresses //
Another DIY trick that has been around for years is to use cool compresses. It could be with a wash cloth or a cold spoon. Wet the wash cloth or spoon until it's nice and cool, apply with mild pressure and wait for a few minutes before removing it. And voilĂ , puffy eye bags be gone!

What are some of your tips and tricks to getting rid of those awful eye bags?

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