15 September 2015


Since I was away over this past weekend I thought that I would do an updated travel routine and add a few tips along the way.

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The Day & Night Before //

Plan Ahead //
Make sure you plan ahead, whether it be the day before or a few days before hand. Whether this may be for your blog, YouTube or maybe it's for any bills that are going to be due while you're away. I will always do this with my blog posts and it makes me feel so good knowing that I still have content going up for you guys. When going away I will most definitely plan everything.

Pack //
I always like to pack a couple of days before I go away just to make sure that I have everything and that way I can get rid of anything that I don't really need to take with me too. I especially like doing this with my make up and skin care. I'll then work from what I have in my makeup and toilet bag, then I'll remove anything I haven't used over those couple of days and add things I find myself reaching for or that I may have forgotten.

Pamper Time //
I take this time to have a bath a really just take some time to myself. A face and hair mask id usually something I would do in this time along with shaving and exfoliating my body. For me this is specific time where I'm not worried about my flight the next day.

Read //
I love reading anyway, but I especially love reading before I fly because it gives you the chance to delve into a completely different world and forget about what's currently going on in yours. It could be a magazine, blog post, or the current book you're reading, it can be anything you wanted.

On The Day Of Traveling //

Alarm //
Getting up early is super import for me. I hate being rushed at the best of times, and when I'm rushed I only get more stressed. If I'm already super stressed before I even get to the airport I know things aren't going to turn out great. Getting up early means that I am giving myself plenty of time to get myself ready and organised .

Breakfast //
I'll always reach for something light, simple and filling. I would usually reach for a smoothie or some avocado on toast.

Shower & Skincare //
A hot shower and a decent morning skincare routine perfect when you're feeling not only anxious about flying but also when you're just anxious in general. Doing this makes me feel fresh, awake and also makes me feel better about myself, don't ask me why, but it does. Like I said it'll make you feel fresh and ready to concur your flight.

Make Up //
For me personally, when it comes to flying I like to keep things pretty simple. Light, quick and easy make up that is still going to make you look flawless. I generally reach for a light coverage foundation, brows, bronzer and mascara.

Clothes //
Again keeping things pretty simple but I like to be comfy in whatever I might be wearing on the plane. I think it's important to be comfortable during the flight but also wear something that's going to make you feel great about yourself. It's going to feel like a longer flight than it actually is if you're wearing and worrying about clothes that you just simply aren't comfortable in.

Final Check //
At this point I'm ready to head out the door. I will do a final check to make sure that I have things like my keys, phone charger, my phone, tickets, wallet etc. Keeping everything like this in one place the night before means that you aren't going to be running around like a headless chicken trying to find them at the last minute.

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