7 June 2016

5 Things To Make Time For On The Weekend

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I don't know about you guys but for me the weekend is time for me to relax & take a little bit of a break. For myself personally because I work from home I've allowed my days off to be Friday & Saturday. Every now & then you'll find me doing little work bits & pieces but generally it's a complete chance for me to take a well deserved break. Obviously the weekends or time off is going to be varied depending on your job & all kinds of bits & pieces but you can do these things over the days you have off to re focus, relax & re organise.

I always find having a bath relaxing. I'll generally light some candles, maybe put some bubbles in or something that smells delicious from Lush. For me, taking a bath just really allows me a step away from everything else & just relax. This time for me is usually a no tech time for me however sometimes I'm feeling a little brave & will take my phone with me but I do try & just leave out of the bathroom completely.

By the time the end of the week roles around my nails are generally looking pretty worse for wear. I like to change up my nail colour, I tend to lean towards nudes & grey / white tone but it's definitely down to personal preference. One of my favourite things to do not only on the weekend but every day of the week especially at night time is use a super thick hand cream. In the winter especially, my skin gets super dry so I try & make sure I'm using hand cream every day!

I personally don't do face masks every night & I associate them with more of a pamper night. I try to do them maybe two or three times a week. My favourite kind of face mask to use during the winter is some kind of moisturising mask. Let me know in the comments below if you have any face mask recommendations.

I'm thinking I might do a whole post on this but meal planning is something that I really love doing especially now that I'm not aloud to have diary, wheat, gluten or soy. I generally will just plan out what I'm going to have for my dinner over the week & will make enough so I can have it for lunch the following day. I just think that way it's so much easier, it saves money & ensures that your not wasting any food plus it's great if I'm having a busy day, it means that I already have something there ready to be eaten.

I usually dedicate my Sunday's to planning out my week, planning posts & anything study bits & pieces. I prefer entering the new week with a clear picture in my head of what I need to get done. This also just gives me an opportunity to check in with my diary for the week & if I have an events coming up. I've found planning ahead like this has really increased my productivity levels. I know that it can be annoying when little things pop up out of the blue when you didn't expect them to but that's why I keep a little note pad on my text so at any time I can write myself a little to do list.

Remember taking time for you is the most important thing! Let me know in the comments what you like to when in comes to relaxing & recharging for the up coming week, I'd love to hear your tips & tricks! Also let me know about any face mask recommendations!

B x

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