23 June 2016

Review: theBalm Cindy Lou Manizer Blush & Highlight

'All in one essential, this smart shadow, beautiful blush & subtle highlighter is tucked inside a go anywhere compact by theBalm. Th light reflecting peachy pink hue adds a splash of colour to your cheeks & a hint of shimmer to your lids, while illuminating your finest features'.

Cindy Lou Highlight is the first product I've tried from theBalm & absolutely love it. The packaging is sleek, unique & durable. The compact has a mirror inside which is perfect for it you want to carry the product around with you during the day. Another thing that I really enjoy about the product is that is can be used for multiple for different purposes, so shadow, highlight or a blush. I like to use the product as a highlight & blush but like I said it could be used for a variety of different things. It's a beautiful peachy pink hue which is what they state on the website & I think it would look gorgeous on everyone. Cindy Lou also has two other sister products, Mary Lou & Betty Lou & all three products retail for $24. I'm going to leave a link to the website where you can purchase the products but also look at other reviews. From what I've seen on the website, Cindy Lou has several fantastic reviews.

I'm looking forward to try various other products from theBalm so let me know in the comments if you have ever tried theBalm & which products are you favourites & why.

B x

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