14 June 2016

Winter Morning Skincare Routine

Since there has been a weather change over the past month something that also has changed is my skincare. In winter my skin tends to be a lot more dry & flakey than in the warmer months so I thought that it would only be appropriate to update to all my on winter skincare routine & a few new products that I have been using as of recent.

I'm really careful when it comes to the cleansers that I use especially when my skin is naturally a lot drier. The Body Shop, Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. This cleanser helps keep impurities away & is great for clearer looking skin. It's intense enough for daily cleansing but I find that it doesn't dry my skin out any further than it already is. I really enjoy using Tea Tree products, specifically from The Body Shop because Tea Tree is a great antibacterial product.

I just want to quickly mention that I don't always exfoliate in the mornings, it purely depends on how my skin is feeling. If I do decide to exfoliate in the mornings I like to use a product that I believe I have mentioned in a post before, which is the Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub for Normal & Combination Skin. Again, I'm careful with which products I use on my face but I really enjoy using this one specifically again because I find it doesn't dry out my skin anymore than it already is & you know how some products can leave your skin feeling really tight & disgusting, yeah well this particular product doesn't do that & I don't know about you, but I think that is a really good thing. It also helps remove dry & flakey patches of skin which is of course why most of us use exfoliating products, right?

In the colder months I don't mind using a slightly thicker moisturiser in the mornings. I would tend to reach for something slightly more light weight in the warmer months but since I need that extra moisture during the day time, something a little bit thicker is definitely the way to go, well for me personally anyway. The product that I have been using recently is, Essano Rosehip Regenerating Facial Moisturiser. I absolutely adore this stuff & would definitely recommend it. On the packaging it says, 'Moisturise, Condition & Regenerate. Rich in certified organic Rosehip Oil, vitamins & organic Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter' & if this doesn't sell you the product then I don't know what will!

I've been using two eye creams recently, one from Garnier & the other just from Avon. I really like both of these products & they are really inexpensive. If I'm going to be completely honest I think any eye cream you can get your hands on is better than none at all right? The specific products are the Garnier Youth Radiance Caffeine Eye Roll On & unfortunately I couldn't find a link to the Avon Eye Cream however like I said earlier at the end of the day I think any eye cream you really like or can get your hands on is better than none. Also on that note, please let me know in the comments below if you have any eye cream recommendations, I'm looking for something new to try!

No matter what time of the year it is it's always important to include SPF in your morning skincare routine. The sun can be really harsh on our skin whether we can physically see the sun or not. I personally use & recommend using something over SPF 30+. You can get SPF included in a variety of different moisturisers & there are also so many different singe SPF products that you can pick up & I'm sure you'll find something that you & your skin will love!

In the mornings my favourite lip balm is definitely the Nivea Lip Butter & I have it in the flavour Vanilla & Macadamia however it does come in a variety of different flavours such as, Original, Raspberry Rose, Coconut, Caramel Cream, Cocoa & Blueberry Blush, so there is heaps to choose from! It is thick & super nourishing & that is exactly what I want in a lip butter especially in the middle on winter.

B x

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